About Yummoh

Have you got an hour to cook a meal?  How about 30 minutes?  How about a couple of minutes?  Yummoh is here to help you provide yourself and your family breakfast, lunch or dinner delights via healthy video based recipes.  We know your time is valuable, but we also know you don’t want to give in to the fast food frenzy.  Give us a couple of minutes of your time and we’ll teach you how to make a Yummoh meal with our tasty video recipes. We’re quick, we’re yummy and we’re healthy.

Even if you don’t have time to prepare a meal right now, or even today, you can always bookmark or post, pin and tweet your favorites Yummoh recipe videos, so you can easily find them later when you have a few minutes to get cooking.

At Yummoh, each recipe feature has a quick how-to video, a list of ingredients, nutritional information and of course step-by-step instructions for preparation.  You can even post comments directly on the recipe pages to ask questions, suggest or request substitute ingredients and provide advice or tips to improve the dish.

It doesn’t matter what diet you’re currently on (you may not even be on one), we’ve got recipes that will fit your needs.